Farewell from The Pipeline’s editor

For the past 25 years, I’ve had the honor of writing, editing, and producing The Pipeline. Now it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life.

It has been a wonderful experience working alongside the folks from Plumbers Local 12 and the Greater Boston Plumbing Contractors Association. I hope you have enjoyed reading about their work as much as I have enjoyed sharing their stories. What has impressed me from the start is the great rapport the two organizations have with one another. They may not always agree about everything, but, despite the conventional wisdom about labor and management relations, they have always been respectful, professional, and open to compromise. That is a testament to both groups’ level-headed leadership through the years and up to the present day. They understand and appreciate the symbiotic nature of their partnership, and they have a shared sense of destiny and purpose.

My grandfather was a plumber, so it has been particularly joyful for me to learn more about the profession. I have been onsite at small, residential projects as well as huge high-rise buildings under construction. It has all been fascinating and illustrative of the vital role that plumbers play.

While I will no longer be producing the Pipeline, I am not retiring from writing altogether. I will continue to travel around the country and the world covering theme parks and attractions. It doesn’t have anything to do with the budling trades, but if you are interested in topics such as Disney World and roller coasters, consider subscribing to my free email newsletter at AboutThemeParks.fun.

I look forward to reading about the plumbers in future issues of The Pipeline, and I wish my friends and colleagues at Local 12 and the GBPCA–as well as you–all the best.

– Arthur Levine