We exceed state requirements.
We’ll exceed your expectations.

Local 12 apprentices must complete a
rigorous program—one that exceeds regulatory
requirements—at our state-of-the-art training facility.
Whether it is medical gas piping, computer-aided design of
mechanical systems, blueprint reading, or any of the other
courses offered in our comprehensive curriculum, we are
dedicated to providing our plumbers with all of the tools and
the best industry practices they will need to provide the
quality work you deserve.

Got a high-rise, multi-use building project? No problem. How
about a large sewage treatment plant? We’ve got you
covered. The water closet in your triple decker needs to be
repaired? We’re trained to handle that as well. And any other
plumbing or mechanical service you might need.

Did you know?

  • MassPlumbers receive nearly DOUBLE the training hours that the state requires.
  • Compared to our open-shop counterparts, MassPlumbers receive a more well-rounded education and are better prepared to work on virtually any kind of job.
  • Among the courses covered in Local 12’s intensive five-year training program (and NOT covered in non-union programs): medial gas piping, rigging, and crane signaling.
  • Journeyman and foreman continue their training and stay current on the latest technologies and developments such as thermal water heating and rainwater reclamation.